Virginia Rock Art  

”Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier”  Dorthea Brown

This website was developed to document the discovery of ancient petroglyphs and associated paranormal activity recently discovered deep in the Appalachian Mountains.  The rock outcroppings are covered with simple, complex, abstract, 
anthropomorphic, and ancient creative expression of unknown origin. They also exhibit indications of cultural alignments.

This karst environment sits on top of a geodesic zone, meaning the entire bedrock of limestone has running water under, through, around, and on top of a bedrock of limestone causing a constant emission of low grade radiation and geothermal off- gassing, creating fluctuating magnetic waveforms, fields and distortions, measurable by EMF meters, dousing rods, and compass readings. This appears to be an energy source for the supernatural activity. There is a strong connection between the geomagnetic distortions, the rock petroglyphs, and the paranormal activity.

Click on the Language of the Ages  button at the top of the page to see documented evidence of supernatural and paranormal activity at the site. 
 My ancestors are also buried around this site, I now know the connection. 

Language of the Ages is a narrative nonfiction project originally developed for iBooks to document a recent archaeological find and its mysterious connection to three of my first generation ancestral bloodlines. What started out as a series of bizarre coincidences leading to the discovery of ancient petroglyphs in the Appalachian Mountains, turned into an even more important message targeted for all of humankind. 

In 2002, while out of the country, I made a hurried decision to place a bid on an unknown piece of property deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Shortly after closing, I was surprised to learn that this particular property had deep roots down into my family's history when three of my ancestors arrived on America's shores in the early 1700s. 

Ten years of research reveals a historical footprint that includes the Drapers Meadow Massacre, French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War, George Washington, William Preston, and eight generations of three families who came to the New World together on the Winter Galley, September 5, 1738. All three families became founding members of the German New River Settlement and the original colonist of the property I now own. I am the eighth generation grandson from each of these three families.


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