”Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier”  Dorthea Brown

The most current accepted explanation by the non-mainstream scientific community so far is that these rock carvings are anthropomorphic petroglyphs of the broad type. They were discovered in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.  All the rock outcroppings are totally covered with simple, complex, and abstract facial expressions intricately carved on the entire surface. 

There is also a direct connection between this site and the first pioneers to settle the western most frontier of Virginia in 1740, an ancient Indian trail and mountain pass, and a direct connection to the Drapers Meadow Massacre July 8th, 1755.

This site also sits on top of a geodesic zone, meaning the entire bedrock of limestone has running water under, through, around and on top of a bedrock of limestone causing a constant emission of low grade radiation, GIC (geomagnetic induced current) and geothermal off gassing, creating fluctuating magnetic waveforms, fields and distortions measurable by EMF meters, dousing rods, and compass readings. This appears to be an energy source for the paranormal activity. There is a strong connection between the geomagnetic distortions, the rock petroglyphs and the paranormal activity.

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 My ancestors are also buried around this site, I do not know yet the connection. 

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